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Estelio Clear Aligners do not affect your active life, but makes your future look more pleasant and attractive.
The result will be your new smile. Decision for straightening your teeth is now easier.

Estelio Clear Aligners are innovative approach to orthodontic treatment. It helps to reach beautiful smile without need to wear convectional fixed braces or uncomfortable removable orthodontic appliances. Estelio Clear Aligners are made of flexible transparent plastic sheet, which is almost impossible to see. You do not have to be disappointed by wires and metals in your mouth anymore. You can smile all day and sleep all night without any obstacles.

Orthodontic treatment with Estelio Clear Aligners is not only for children. Adults can be treated as well, most of patients that wear clear aligners are adults.

Estelio Clear Aligners do not disturb your speech, your tongue will accommodate to it in a few days. Surface of appliance is smooth and has no sharp edges. It does not contain any wires that might hurt you. Also food retention is not a problem. Even teeth cleaning is not complication, when it comes to othodontic treatment. You just take your aligner off and clean your teeth as usual.

Three simple steps to a beautiful smile


How long does the treatment lasts?2019-09-02T14:13:34+02:00

Treatment with Estelio Clear Aligners lasts in average one year. The easiest corrections are possible in 4 months only, but more advanced treatment takes 2 years or more.

How often will I have to change my aligners?2019-09-02T14:13:51+02:00

You will have to change your aligner for a new one every week, according to doctor’s instructions.

Is the treatment painful?2019-09-02T14:14:04+02:00

Pain during the treatment is very rare. You will feel a bit of pressure, mostly when changing the aligner for the new one.

Is it really invisible?2019-09-02T14:14:17+02:00

During usual communication it is quite impossible to see the aligner. You will see it with closer view, just like contact lenses in the eyes.

Before and after

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